In this section you can read about the charity I’m involved with and how I’ve helped them over the past few years. Please do take the time to have a look at the fabulous work they do for so many people.
The Vision Charity

Katie is one of the main Patrons of The Vision Charity. Her patronage has provided a real boost for the Charity, whose aim is to raise money through a series of fun-based fundraising events for the benefit of blind and visually impaired children and those suffering from dyslexia. The money raised is used exclusively to buy equipment, goods and specialist services to help these children, focusing primarily on kids in the UK.

Since Katie became involved a few years ago she has attended the charity’s annual Christmas Balls, donating not only her time but also prizes for fundraising auctions.

Vision is delighted to have Katie as a Patron and looks forward to her involvement with other fundraising events and projects over the coming years.

For further information about The Vision Charity and the work it does please go to