The Sun

The Sun has today run a fabricated story that claims I sacked my aide Hannah Linnen and suggesting I am on a hunt to find who called the Police about Princess’s burn and suspected Hannah. This was, apparently, evidence of my ‘meltdown’.

I did not sack Hannah, as the Sun was told before publication Hannah and I remain good friends and we parted company amicably. I will still be seeing a lot of her. Hannah has been a trusted advisor and friend and the suggestion that there was any suspicion that she would have called the police about Princess burn is completely false.

First, there is no hunt to find who called the police about Princess’s burn. Princess’s burn is minor (as I am sure the Police will confirm) and those that work with me and around me who have seen it will confirm this. Hannah, like all of us was shocked that this minor injury was put into the public domain the way it was.

Second, Hannah is highly professional and loyal. I have enjoyed working with her very much.

I hope the Sun does the decent thing and fully apologises to Hannah for their false claims. I would like to thank those papers that checked this claim before falsely publishing it.