“I appreciate to some it may seem strange that I should feel aggrieved by aspects of the recent press coverage of my marriage to Alex. Some will feel that adverse stories are the price I have to pay for living my life so openly. However, I need to respond to recent series of stories that Alex and I are on the verge of or have split.

These stories originated in one Sunday paper which was told they were false before they published them, but they published them in any event. A Daily paper then wanted to follow up on that story and was told that the allegations made were false but that Daily paper still published them.

There have been a number of other repetitions of these claims by paper’s which have been made aware that the stories were false but, again, still published them. Either these publications have a source that is taking them for a ride or they don’t care if they mislead their readers. Constantly publishing these fabrications despite being told they are just that is hurtful and harassing.

My lawyers are already dealing with some of these stories but for the avoidance of doubt:

1. Alex and I are not constantly arguing.

2. I have not run away to Portugal to escape the rows that Alex and I are not having. I am on a family holiday and Alex is not here because he is training for his fight against Tom Watson.

3. Alex has not left me, threatened to leave me or confronted me about my ex-husband, Amir Khan or any other man. Alex is secure in the knowledge that I love him as I am in the knowledge that he loves me.

4. Peter Andre is the father of two of my children. I respect him and have contact with him in that capacity. I do not wish to get back with Peter and Peter does not wish to get back with me. We have both moved on with our lives.

5. I am not pregnant.

I hope this puts an end to the false stories that are being published.”

Thank you

Katie Price x