Just after Easter, Alex, Harvey and myself went on holiday with Andrew, Polly and their children. We only went for a one week break to chill out and relax. There were some reports in the papers saying Alex and I did nothing but fall out but it couldn’t have been further from the truth we had a great time.

Then the volcano started and we all know the chaos that caused, I was like many watching the news for updates. In the end we had to stay an extra 5 days or so but eventually we all got home ok. Overall we had a really good time.

My friend Melody is getting better slowly but surely after her fall from the horse a couple of months ago, it is a nightmare but goes to show accidents can happen at anytime.

I was gutted I had to pull out from the London Marathon, but a fantastic effort by my brother who was supposed to go to Boston but he was held up because of the volcano ash, but instead he did the Brighton marathon and London marathon in one week. My friends Michelle, Hugh, and the two Andrews both done brilliantly as well!! well done all!

I am enjoying this warm spell of weather and have already had two bbqs around my house with family and friends. Its great being outside watching all the children play together.

We have started filming again for my new series so that will be something for everyone to look forward to. Me and Alex are totally totally happy together and as always, Daily Star seems to have it in for me and continually write made up stories, there is much more important stuff going on in the world – seriously!?!

Even yesterday, I was at the Mayfair hotel pretty much all day in business meetings, and heatworld.com said apparently me and Kerry almost had a fight! I didnt even see her! i didn’t even know she was in the hotel!! They honestly baffle me they said “Kerry and Katie almost came to blows last night” they go on “Katie and Kerry were almost in the lobby at the same time, but the crafty staff managed to avoid an actual face-to-face encounter. We’re guessing it wouldnt have been pretty” hang on how did we almost come to blows we didnt even see each other, on logic like that it shows what crap is actually written – how have they made a story out of something that didn’t happen?!

Also I have sparked outrage that I never wore my wedding ring, its my brothers fault, he was rushing me in the morning to be on time for an important meeting and I simply forgot to put it on thats all. Also, I was supposed to have bumped into Kerry again later that night at a party… thats interesting, as I left the hotel about 7.30pm to go home early as I had an early flight to catch. I am now in Spain promoting my book and on Spanish tv for the next couple of days!

Well, you all know how the press write rubbish, I guess I just have to continue recorrecting other peoples mistakes!

All my love as always!