I always wanted to be a model so when the opportunity came my way at the age of sixteen, i grabbed it hard! Soon after that Jordan, the glamour model, was born.

Under my modelling name, Jordan, I successfully established myself as a talented and dynamic model – a fresh face in glamour modelling – and soon became a regular in the nation’s best loved tabloids.

As my popularity grew my diary got fuller, with demands from photographers, appearances in magazines and tabloids boosting my career not only in the public eye but also within modelling circles… a tough industry to crack! There are hundreds of pretty girls on the glamour circuit but very few stand out from the crowd.

I’m well known for my frank, direct views and bold statements on issues that concern me. My no-nonsense approach has earned me the status of ‘thinking man’s crumpet’ as well as making me a strong, realistic female icon for many ordinary girls and women.

These ideals enabled me to be both Jordan and Katie: two quite different characters whose appeal crosses all age and gender barriers… I’m a celebrity glamour model and a caring, loving mother and family member. I suppose you could call me an extraordinary ordinary girl!

Over the past few years I’ve experienced both the pros and cons of being a celebrity. But I’ve remained focused on my activities, always going for what I want to achieve whether it’s popular or not!

My future looks challenging and exciting, and I’m looking forward to sharing my life and experiences with you.